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Welcome, thanks for visiting.  Here are examples of my Taoist poetry...

Observing the Tao

A tree is the Tao expressed as a tree

a cloud is the Tao manifest as a cloud

when one observes the Tao and not its expressions

this and that appears as One

stillness and movement are seen

as a single action

sound and quietude known to be

the same Silence

you and not-you

have no distinction.

When all appearances lose their form

and every outcome has no result

a gentle peace settles within.

Something Present

When we are very young

we look at a tree

and see Something

we glance at a bird

and watch Something,

then we are taught

"this is a tree and that is a bird"

and the Something becomes

some things...

...and we forget

...then we forget we have forgotten

until one day we go looking

for Something

that never went away.

Endless Blue Sky

To the wanderer

hazy mountains rise majestically

into endless blue sky

forest birdsong

weaves its way sweetly

through fragrant pine

and clifftop waterfalls

cascade through glittering folds

of rainbow-light.

All came naturally into being

without concern or plans of an outcome.

You too are like this.


At a Secluded Spot

At a secluded spot

by the banks of the river Conwy

the distant buzz of humanity fades

against the sounds of driving water.

Through all that energy

insects bask lazily on sunlit stones,

blue trout drift sleepily in deep amber pools,

and a grey heron stands motionless

against the glistening trees.

In the heart of nature

lies a great stillness,

she who notices

realises the Constant.

The Wild-Self

My eyes cannot find nature in manicured

gardens, farms or parkland,

their spirit turns towards wild meadows,

it longs for the silent open spaces of moorland

or the distant horizon across moonlit seas.

It finds delight in ancient gnarled oak

and in the green shimmering stones of tumbling rivers.

It cannot help how it is like the in-and-out breath

of changing weather or the pale blue found

between seasons. Here all things are the face of the Real

and in their quiet embrace I find my Wild-Self.

Her Mind is like a Jade Jar of Ice

Wu Cailuan had no interest

in emptiness or fullness, mirrors

or dust.

Being free from distinctions,

she folded mountains into a fan

and stuffed them

up her sleeve.

Delivering a Message

In the still forest

branches lean more and more

into darkness,

silence drifts under leaves

as I roam like a brief

autumn wind.

Troubled by the hurt I bring

sorrow breaks open

the narrow coldness of my chest.

I am sad for you,



As I near,

the waning moon fades

from the lining of my skin.

Breaking the View

Identifying yourself

with a role or personality

is like

breaking the View

into a jigsaw puzzle,

the moment you identify

as being something

a peace is lost.

River of Life

Carried along by the river of life

what does it all mean?



I don’t know…

might as well lie back

take it easy.


People fight to defend their religions
arguing this and that over God.
If you are too rigid
how can you be like a gentle spring breeze
that warms and softens everything it touches?

Gold and Jade Immortals

Some folk bow before gold and jade Immortals.

My shrine is a wild cherry tree

its tiny white flowers an April scripture.

Simple Living


eat a little

don't bother thinking

take some light naps

enjoy rain sun flowers

don't think about bothering

eat a little


So You Practise

So you practise Taoism?

not really.

what is your religion then?